who dis?

we have put our best outfits and accessories to go to the photomaton, to show you what's the real us.
presentation of the main gang members.

Sydney Funck is one of a kind. he is on strategy, power point and all of those things that scare us. that guy lives in a joke, literally. he is a brand strategist on point. and believe it or not, it’s his real name.

« It takes a smart man to play dumb »
Mr. T.

Gapap is a spice girl of modern time. she is doing the Instagram things. she knows what something beautiful looks like on the internet. she knows everybody and everybody think they know her but they are wrong. put her some music and she’ll dance instantly.

"There is a place you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy. Her heart."
Melanie Griffith

Tutu is a social enthusiast, you’ll find him getting deep and meaningful at techno parties. he’s a gang member since the real beginning and works on the public relation part. It just means he likes to talk a lot. he calls himself « film-maker ». see his insta stories to see what’s real.

« Il n'y a pas de mode si elle ne descend pas dans la rue »
Coco Chanel

Jacko is either really quiet or on fire. half of the main duo, he is working on anything and everything in the company. he likes to think twice before making the magic move. he’s playing a weird sport called floorball. and he likes to say "héla" to every cute little dog he sees.

« we aren’t particularly talented, we try harder. »
Joe Strummer

Romano is the other half of the main duo. he is the creative, the guy who has one thousand ideas in 5 mins and 96,7% of them are pretty bizarre. he can do almost everything. find him working on his Yamaha 79 a tuesday at 11pm.

« If you ain’t no sauce then ya lost.. but you can also get lost in the sauce »
Gucci Mane