emotionless is pretty proud to introduce you to their own event called emotion.
we created emotion so that you all can meet the fuckin' gang, the real one.

to everyone who relate to our values, the ones who support the local artists, who make things out of their hands. who think it’s more important than supporting the big machines who make run the wrong business. all of you, you are all welcome to celebrate this culture with us at emotion.

we always select the coolest g' around to play the coolest tunes. sometimes we do dj too. to dj is our peace of mind. when embroidery is off, we play our favourite songs really loud for our gang. from funk to punk and everything in between. we strive to integrate all forms of our favorite genres together.

we will conquer your street. conquer your park. conquer your neighborhood, conquer your borough. conquer brussels. you might kill us, but you’ll never beat us. ‘cause we ain't got emotion, and you’ll probably never even know what that is.

emotion only aims to be secretly organized for the gang and their friends.
that is pretty much it. we just like to engage with our gang.

so, keep an eye on our social networks to get an invitation.

emotion #3

that was pretty easy for this one. take the friends; the djs, the djembe player, the bboys. tell those friends to bring their friends. put them in a magical place with 30 degrees and see what's happening.

emotion #2

last time at emotion #1, we struggled to present the new capsule. it was full, a bit messy, emotionless. yet we thought we could do something better for the next one. we created emotion #2 to present a new capsule too. this is why we decided to make a few changes. we presented the new capsule in a gallery mood under an exposition. we also introduced vedett as a new partner (in crime), so people knew what to expect. indeed they were able to buy some cheap cold cans. finally, an after party took place at jalousy, a well-known private club in Brussels.

emotion #1

so we decided to expand the brand and throw a fuckin' party for the launching emotion and our new capsule. we took possession of the benelux, a crazy place in the city centre of brussels. the place was full and sweaty, we also invited friends to dance and perform. 

coline made a strong musical selection between sweetness and intensity. camille, also known as valentin (rip), played the best dj set of the night. dragon eliott did what he's best at : make the people sweat. and we did our best to synq 2 tracks together. 

the idea of the party was pretty simple, we took random people from the public, gave them a t-shirt and shoot them. this shooting is now used for the lookbook on the website. the second idea was to collect the instagram stories people made at the party the realize the after movie. you can watch it here, on the right.