as you may know, emotionless is into fashion, music and motorcycle. described as a gang, we like to share all together. that is why we wanted to talk music here and show you some playlists from our fellow gang members. this is pretty simple, each monday morning a new Spotify playlist will be shared on this page. only one rule for the whole mood: no commercial music

the gang member will put together minimum 30 songs in the right order (so please don’t listen to it randomly) and will write a few words about his musical inspiration

#14 damien dardenne is emotionless

Some of my routine music. A bit of my timeless records, nostalgia, pure bliss music and a lot of inspiration for my self.

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#13 ethan massart is emotionless 

play this playlist shuffle and sound on. just a chill lil hip hop playlist with some random talented people around the world. in any situation, on the road or with your friends just enjoy.

ethan spotify-01.jpg

#12 rori ernest is emotionless

who does not listen to music dies slowly 

camille playlist-01.jpg

#11 augustin fievet is emotionless

ambient sounds, piano landscapes, textured feels and time travel that's what this playlist is all about.

augustin spotify-01.jpg

#10 eliott duckers is emotionless

greatest music to cook to. not sure tho as I cooked like twice in my life and it was terrible but I can totally picture myself preparing you some spaghetti vongole to 3 O’Clock Blues. worst case scenario, food tastes awful but your ears are delighted.

eliott spotifyy-01.jpg

#9 romain warnotte is emotionless 

this is a playlist dedicated to funk music and it's close genres, to the godfather of soul named James Brown and all those fellas. this is a music for your best dance moove. specially made for our third event "emotion" the first of july. ONE TWO THREEEEE, MAKE IT FUNKY!

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#8 jean-michel dumont is emotionless 

speed never killed anyone... suddenly becoming stationary... that's what gets you.

jeannn mi.jpg

#7 julie robert is emotionless 

this playlist takes all the music that are my shelter at this time. maybe in one year this playlist will be shitty as fuck but who cares bro put your headphones as loud as you can and just enjoy the vibe, the adrenaline and dance until you feel your broken heart beat again.

template spotify-01.jpg

#6 sydney funck is emotionless

This playlist is a condensed of songs I love to listen when I'm working on my side projects. It's a mix of lounge, pop, rap and house music.



#5 sebastien francois is emotionless

For this first mixtape, i choose different styles of music which I like, some classic one from techno and rap. I think our musical styles stick with our personality. For my part, my state and the place where I'm goes with my musical desire of the moment. Per exemple, the différents part of the day, before à night, the morning before going somewhere, during the shower, sexual relation, déception, joy, people or the world. Each music that I have choose make me think about someone or a moment of my life. I hope they will talk to you as they did for me. Have a good listen the youth. 


#4 luca lemaire is emotionless

It talks about love.


#3 jacques ben hadj ali is emotionless

Don’t know if I care; don’t know if I’m there. The music is so mournful and emotional that it seemed like the only suitable thing to play.


#2 michel branciaroni is emotionless

You're now about to witness the strenght of street knowledge. The power of the young and reckless. The street smarts, the ruthless. The strenght of those who had nothing but now rule them all. One nation under a groove. A culture doomed if they do, damned if they don't. Those who have been silenced and not to be told about. Now we build schools, there are courses about us at universities, a young black entrepreneur hold the house of the most luxurious brand in the world, for the first time in History Hip Hop has trespassed Rock n Roll, they make movies about us... They write about us, they learn from us. There's nothing to be scare about anymore. Or maybe yes, there is. We ride, we chase, we ball. We are a canvas. Grammys winners. Oscars winners. TONY winners. And now, for the first time in History, 2018 PULITZER PRIZE WINNER. Yeah! Our life doesnt sucks. We are young, and no matter what, we don't give a fuck.


#1 robin otchoa is emotionless

That feeling when you're fucked up with friends on the terraces singing love and hate songs. Travelling to other cities and country’s and living an outcast life just to support a team and some Top Boys. When it begins to be wild you see red, adrenaline rushes trough your brain and you feel the kick.