emotionless is looking for a cool fella for an internship who would join our daily team in our (super cool) office in brussels. a single word to describe what we expect from you: multitask.

as a start up, we got plenty of things to do, you got plenty of things to learn.

this is a part-time position.

convinced that modern entrepreneurship has no fuckin limit, our philosophy is based on the generation that feels no obligation to systems and structures put in place before its time

we can’t afford a salary for ourselves, so we won’t be able to give you one. anyway be sure we will dress you up like a prima donna.too many people have allowed money to ruin their lives. this is not gonna be our case. we may have no money but we are here with our strong motivation, making shit happen. we are here to make art, to support artists, to share all together. we are here to write a little piece of history because we think all of this is way more important than this thing we call money. we may be at the point zero now but we know we have glory days ahead us.

to everyone who relate to this, the ones who support art, who make things out of their hands. who think it’s more important than supporting the big machines who makes run the wrong business, all of you, you are all welcome to celebrate this culture with us.


first and only one rule : don’t think, answer straight away.

joy division or the clash? *
what’s your damn name? *
what’s your damn name?
We don’t give a fuck if u have been cashier at Aldi in summer 14
(if you have some)
(could be any kind)
gesaffelstein or justice? *
don't lie
don't lie
kidding, do you think we give a fuck?
punk or rap? *