one on one

is a new concept in the brand where we can explore the creativity deeper.
it’s something unique as their is only one piece who’ll ever be made. not only fashion but everything we like to get our hands on.


name: i wonder
support: levi's jacket
process: hand embroidery
creation time: bunch of hours
additional info: size XL


photos by Henri D.

you might have seen the movie « searching for sugar man ». if not, then fuck off. kidding, click here.
so this jacket has been designed in representation of the mind blowing story of the singer Sixto Rodriguez.
we took a good old Levi’s jacket for the project. after few hours in the making, we have embroidered his face in super large in the back.
for the front we used the lyrics of the song « I wonder »
and of course the emotionless type. we have used old Dior garment to cut and sew those letters.

I wonder how many times you've been had
And I wonder how many plans have gone bad
I wonder how many times you had sex
I wonder do you know who'll be next

I wonder about the love you can't find
And I wonder about the loneliness that's mine
I wonder how much going have you got
And I wonder about your friends that are not

Sixto Rodriguez - I wonder

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