this is not a t-shirt about art

Minimum wage Bengladesh : 85€
it take 4 minutes to make a t-shirt from a multi millionaire company.

Minimum wage Belgium: 1 560€
it take 2 hours to make a regular hand embroidery t-shirt.

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this is not the capsule six

life is too complicated we say, so why not coming back to the basics? why making it tough if we are obviously all going to die soon?
keep it simple.

we wanted something that we could wear everywhere in any situation.
we added a particular attention for our girls with crop tops.

we have explored the contrast between a pieces really basic, clean and something really rough and dirty.
we found a good old car’s demolition.

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this is not the capsule five

you always ask me to give you space but when it comes to sex, you always ask me to tie you up. life is so contradictory.

back to the handmade embroidery, we put forward a few words about mental shit we went through. we also added enormous embroidery on long sleeves.

we wanted something that reflects us, something that truly defines where we come from, by exploring the fuel from brussels. it wasn’t too long to find the iconic places to shoot: nightshops and bars.

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this is not the capsule four

once again, the mood is really provocative and sexy. we tried to explore the emotional emptiness that can frequently be felt through a sexual relationship. we actually wanted to address the issues surrounding sex, relationships.
similar from the hand embroidered capsule 1, the printed t-shirts put forward what it is to be a woman today, in a world full of judgement and sexism.
this capsule can be seen as a way to embrace your sexuality.

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this is not the capsule three

we had the chance to have our own stand at WECANDANCE. we made 2 specials design for the occasion. you were able to buy them only during the festival. see you next year fellas.

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this is not the capsule two

to celebrate their three years birthday, We Are Insvne parties teamed up with us to a special collab. This Capsule is not for sale anymore.

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this is not the capsule one

this where it all begin, this is the blood of the brand

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